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Middle & Senior School

Middle School is an autonomous yet fully articulated level within the BDS project, conceived by the need to respond to the characteristics, special traits and challenges of the critical stage of the development of children between 12 and 15 years of age.

During this stage, linguistic competences in English and Spanish allow for greater fluency and spontaneous oral and written production. In an atmosphere of enthusiastic learning and increasing self-confidence, students learn to negotiate and stand for their ideas and opinions in the form of civilized debate that leads to the mastery of more formal, argumentative language. Belgrano Day School has a reputation for successful participation in interschool creative writing and debate competitions and has had, on a number of occasions, pupils selected for the national debate team.

The development of study skills, research and teamwork bridge the gap between Primary and Senior School. There is much emphasis placed on multidisciplinary projects, field trips, and participation in activities such as the Olympics of Mathematics, Biology, and other sciences. A departmental organization that includes Year Leaders, Area Co-ordinators, Tutors and Psychological Advisors provides the structure to help prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations and for their own personal progress /   maturity / gowth.

Both curricular and extra curricular activities such as the annual Art Week, Music Concerts and Festivals provide ample room for choice, for expression and for the discovery of special talents. Students can also take part in the School Play which for many proves to be a great experience.  Cultural and sporting activities at home and abroad nourish both a sense of belonging and a spirit of openness.

For further information about Senior School, please see The BDS school leaver.