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Kindergarten’s Policy
Primary’s Policy
Middle & Senior’s Policy

Bring Your Own Device’s Policy

Bring Your Own Device’s Policy

TEC Project

(Technology, Education and Culture)
The Belgrano Day School’s Model
Book 1

Technology, Culture and Education in global society
Book 2
Library, digital content and educational quality
Book 3
Cloud’s incorporation to the classroom (Procedures’ Manual).
Book 4
Design as acommunication and autonomous learning’s logic.
Book 5
Belgrano Day School’s Model. Towards new education

Kindergarten E-books

Kinder Ebook Level I
Kinder Ebook Level II
Kinder Ebook Level III


Brochure 2012
BDS First Centennial and beyond
Institutional Brochure 2019

Centennial’s Publication

Centennial’s Book
Only available in print version

BDS News

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