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Audiobooks K5/P1 P1 P1/P2 P2 P2/P3 P3 P3/P4 LA GUERRA DE LOS YACARÉS LA GUERRA DE LOS YACARÉS / Quiroga, Horacio ¡NEW! – ESRecomendado; P3/P4 — Tema; CUENTO CON ANIMALES — Duración; 20:46 min / 17.8 MB NASREDDIN NASREDDIN TEN STORIES / Jennifer Gascoigne, retold by ENSuggested for; P3/P4 — Subject; FABLES — Length; Zip …

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Global Ed

Global Education The area of Global Education & Innovation aims to integrate and promote educational initiatives and projects that foster the development of skills, abilities and competences for growing autonomy and creativity in learning, catering for the “glocal” educational needs of the 21st Century. We are in charge of the USA High School online Dual Diploma Program (with Academica), …

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Middle & Senior School

Middle & Senior School Middle School is an autonomous yet fully articulated level within the BDS project, conceived by the need to respond to the characteristics, special traits and challenges of the critical stage of the development of children between 12 and 15 years of age. During this stage, linguistic competences in English and Spanish allow for …

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Primary Education An official and bilingual syllabus permits the harmonious integration of the contents in Primary school, and lays the foundations for the sustained development of linguistic competences (listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, plus new digital / media literacies) and of logical thought. It is a student-centered project that promotes the discovery of personal …

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Kinder Kindergarten The implementation of an early immersion English Programme as from the age of two, led by fully bilingual teachers in a warm, friendly and secure environment, fosters the children’s active involvement in the learning process. The curriculum is designed to develop bilingualism, social skills and creativity.The double shift is mandatory as of K5, while …

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