Vuelve el BDS General Knowledge Competition

After some years of not having this completion at school, The History and English Departments are glad to inform that it is back!

In the light of a globalized world, we decided to organize this competition initially for Middle School to help our students understand the world around them.

It will consist of two rounds. In the first round all students will represent their Houses answering questions on all the curricular subjects at school. A team per House will emerge as a result of this 1st round.

One student from M1, M2 and M3 from each House will form each team for the final stage of the contest.

It is important to highlight that teachers from all subjects have been invited to provide questions for the first round. We want to thank them all for their contribution to make this competition possible.

After the winter holidays, the rest of the students who had been eliminated in the first round will participate as audience to support their teams.

We hope that you will eagerly follow the developments of this challenging contest that will broaden our students ‘minds.

Mónica Bruck and Gladys Lesmi Dallas

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