Resultados de los exámenes de Cambridge

Nos acerca las buenas nuevas sobre los exámenes internacionales rendidos a fines de 2011 el Coordinador Académico y Director de Middle & Senior, Prof. Steven Page:

«The Cambridge examination results from the sitting in October/November 2011 were very good at all levels…congratulations to the teachers involved.

1. “A/S” and “A” level…From last year’s S6 Hong Jung Lee obtained a distinction in his AICE certificate (Advanced International Certificate in Education) while María Agustina Arslanian obtained a merit award. María Agustina completed two “A” levels and two “A/S” levels while Hong Jung’s results came from one “A” level and 4 “A/S” levels. María Agustina achieved grades A and B in her two “A” levels while Hong Jung received and A* in Mathematics and grade A in two of his “A/S” levels. Congratulations to them both and to the other students who sat these pre-university examinations.

2. ICE (International Certificate of Education)…From S5 Javier Laurencena Gisbert was awarded a distinction in ICE when he achieved grade A in both IGCSE Economics and Information Technology. These results were added to his results from 2010. Well done.

3. IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)…The results from the students in S4, on the whole were fantastic. Of 302 examinations taken 270 (90%) had grade C or better while 90 results (30%) were grades A or A*. All subject areas achieved very good results while individually ten students were awarded four grade A or A* out of the six subjects they took. Particularly well done to Tomás Guillermo Camilo Rocchi (5A* and 1A) and to Sofía Cecilia Brisson and Agostina María Dasso Martorell (4A* and 2A)…excellent results.

4. CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Programme)…In M1 examinations were taken in English and Mathematics and as in other years good results were achieved. In Mathematics 55% of all students achieved the best two grades while in English 79% achieved the same. One third of all students obtained these top marks in both subjects. Well done.»


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