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Primary Open Classes

Informa la Coordinadora de Inglés de la sección, Prof. Marcela Cerini:

«We have had so far P2, P3 and P5 open classes. This week we have P1, and P4 open classes are coming up at the end of November, beginning of December.

The objective of an open class  is to show parents some of the activities we do with the children to help them develop their listening and speaking, reading and writing skills. The chore of the class is on a text (story which is unseen for the children) and the teachers prepare activities based on it, according to the level of each group. I do have to say that all the teachers are very enthusiastic on the use of the interactive white boards!  They are all using this resource on a weekly basis, and decided to use it in the open classes  as well.  

Children are participating spontaneously in front of their parents asking questions, giving their opinion, explaining something, answering questions, reading, sharing and having fun in the process! Even the little ones recite poems or sing songs.

We all thank  parents for joining us in the open classes and for their warm and enthusiastic support».



1 comentario

  • roberto perez

    Hello, I read your presentation about open class, and it is very interesting, well the thing here is that I have an open class for a primary group of sixth grade, and I want to know if you could recommend some activities to develop with my students, because is the first time I do something similar.

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