Phonetics for Parents


Informa Mr. Kevin Graham, Headmaster of English, acerca de esta actividad ofrecida a los padres:

The objective of this course is to prepare parents to understand English pronunciation and, in consequence, to be able to assist their children develop correct diction when reading together and also to be aware of the reason why words are pronounced in a certain way in or out of context. English as a language, due to its mixed origin plus the diversity of people who have contributed to form our present language, can be complex and difficult to decipher without adequate coaching.
On the 9th of April we started our classes on Phonetics. This was the first time this was tried out at BDS so we didn’t know how many parents would come. Initial enrolment was well above expectations, but many more came on the spur of the moment, doubling the previous figures and thus reaching 45 participants on the first day.

As is usual with parent-oriented courses, at first pupils feel that the subject to be taught could be mind-boggling or beyond their grasp, but soon discover that it is understandable, easy to follow and applicable from the very start…

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