7 Mar 2007 |

Examination results

El Coordinador académico del Belgrano Day School y Director de Middle&Senior, Prof. Steven Page, ha querido compartir con toda la comunidad educativa las buenas nuevas recibidas de Cambridge, en relación con los resultados obtenidos por nuestros alumnos en los exámenes rendidos a fines del año pasado:

Senior school is pleased to announce the very good IGCSE Cambridge examination results received that correspond to the October/November 2006 sitting.

At IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) level very good results were achieved by many students while Juan Pablo Djeredjian excelled with 3A* grades and 2A grades from the five subjects he took. The results in «First Language English» have been improving over the years. This year out of 65 students enrolled for the examination 47 students achieved grade C or above and of these pupils 10 achieved A* or grade A. Well done to the English department as a whole and to the Head of Department, Gladys Lesmi Dallas.

In Mathematics good results were again received in which 59 students got grade C or above out of the 65 students who entered the subject. Of these 15 students achieved grades A* or A. Similarly the IGCSE results in Geography, Combined Science, History, Spanish, Art, Economics and Information Technology with perhaps smaller numbers of candidate entries all maintained or improved on previous years’ performances…congratulations to both students and teachers in S4 and S5.

Successful results at ‘A’ level, the highest level offered by Cambridge, were registered in Biology and Mathematics. A/S subjects were taken by a small number of S6 students in Art and Design, Chemistry, Economics, Spanish, History, Language and Literature in English, Mathematics and Physics…congratulations to all involved.

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