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Sporting Days

Thanks to the Olympics coming to London, the sporting calendar in 2012 has never been more exciting. With Euro 2012, Wimbledon, Tour De France, the US and British Open and then the Olympics, there is something for everyone whichever sport you follow.

With this in mind we want you to write a poem dedicated to the sport you love, whether it be rugby, gymnastics, horse riding or one of the above. Maybe you don’t have a favourite and could include many sports in your poem, or perhaps you’d like to write a good luck poem to your home team. You may even wish to write about your sporting hero.

Roald Dahl Phizz-Whizzing Stories Competition

On the 13th September we celebrate the birthday of the world’s no. 1 storyteller Roald Dahl. To make this day special, we are inviting you to create your very own short story inspired by Roald Dahl. Selected writers will have their work published in the UK.

The closing date for this competition is 10th September 2012.

For more information, please consult the teachers.

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