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September 2019
General Conditions Year 2020

The School is pleased to communicate that, in accordance with the current legal regulations, as of this date, student admissions are now open for the 2020 academic year. We will now include the educational guidelines for said period. The present statement can be affected by changes in the regulatory framework thatgoverns the system of fee determination. In such case, the School will adapt its statement according to the regulations that may be established in due course.



1. Students can be enrolled in the 2020 academic year once they have fulfilled the following requirements:

a) Be promoted to the next grade, according to the rules set by the Ministry of Education.
b) Have been properly enrolled/re-enrolled.
c) Have no outstanding payments.
d) Comply with the regulations in order to access the grade they applied to be enrolled in and have obtained a positive review from the School Headmaster and the Educational Psychology Department.

2. The amount for the re-enrolment will be divided into two monthly payments, which will be due by December 5 th , 2019 and January 6 th , 2020.

3. The enrolment has to be paid before its due date; otherwise the School will make use of the vacancy.

4. If parents cancel the enrolment, the sum will be reimbursed if the decision has been given in writing to the Administration before December 15, 2019. Once this period expires there wont be any reimbursements. When the School decides to cancel the enrolment, full reimbursement will be granted.


B. Educational Contract

1. Throughout the 2020 academic year, 10 (ten) consecutive monthly payments will be charged, which include Teaching Fees, Other Charges and the “John Ernest Green” Scholarship Fund. They are due on the 5 th day of each month, from February until November.

2. The enrolment prices and fees for the 2020 school year listed in items A1 and B1 are the following:


3. In the monthly bill, a discount per sibling will be applied to the Teaching Fees (2 nd child 15%, 3 rd child 30%, 4 th child 60% and 5 th child 100%). A discount for children of alumni will also be applied to the Teaching Fees, and it will depend on the amount of years the parent has spent in the School. This discount can be accumulated with the sibling discounts. The discounts applied to the fees wont apply, under no circumstances, to the enrolment/re-enrolment fees.

4. The section “Other Charges” includes the charges for some workbooks and texts, educational trips, teaching materials, art and craft materials, practical activities, third-half for inter-school tournaments, etc.

5. The School Fund is intended to help maintain the regular attendance of students facing unforeseeable situations, such as the death or the total and permanent disability of the person responsible for paying the Teaching Fees. In order to ensure that the Fund keeps working and in order to benefit from it, only the payers under 55 years old will be allowed to enter the Fund, otherwise the responsibility will be given to the other parent or a third party designated with the payment as long as they meet the age requirement.

a) In case the aforementioned death or disability occurs, the appropriate person shall request the Scholarship in writing to the School’s Administration.
b) Once the scholarship has been awarded, it will start applying from the date of the death or event that caused the total and permanent disability until a maximum of 30 days prior to receiving the scholarship request if it was sent 90 days after the incident.
c) The scholarship will cover the Teaching Fees and re-enrolment that would otherwise be normally charged starting on the date stated in item 5b, up until the student finishes their studies, without taking into account the voluntary cancellation or withdrawal according to what is established in item 5d.
d) The creation of the Fund and the awarding of the scholarship do not take away the School’s right to exclude students from the premises or to reject their enrolment application for the next academic year, with the subsequent denial of the previously awarded scholarship.
e) In order to be awarded the Scholarship Fund, it is required to have no outstanding fees at the time of death or permanent disability of the person responsible for the payments.
f) The person in charge of the payment is the parent designated for that purpose. If that is not the case, the School authorities can, at their sole discretion, allow any other person they consider as the responsible for the Fund. Said person will have to provide evidence of their substitute status with the School authorities by submitting the signed Enrolment form, agreeing with the terms for said enrolment. That person will be allowed into the Fund only when the School
authorities have expressed so through a written notice.

6. The fees hereby indicated can be modified if it is decided and/or they become effective after the statement, increase and/or changes in the labour costs according to the current regulations.

7. International exams are part of the School’s project and are optional for the students. The sums the School may pay on behalf of the parents will be charged when appropriate, with a written authorization from them.

8. Lunch service is optional and charged on a monthly basis. Its price will be informed in due course and will be charged based on school days.

9. The student’s absence on account of sickness, strikes, riots or any other cause does not grant the right to receive any refunds of the amounts paid.

10. Late payment of fees and re-enrolment

a) In case of late payment, a surcharge equivalent to one and a half times the discount rate on notes receivable from Banco de la Nación Argentina will be applied.
b) Should fees be outstanding for two months, the discounts, the lunch service, examination fees, textbooks and supplies, tours and trips, etc. will all be suspended.
c) Late payment will grant the School the right to decide the attendance and/or permanence of the student, as may provided by the regulations in force at the time of the default.

11. Right of admission. The School reserves its right and power to:

a) Accept the enrolment/re-enrolment of students in every school year.
b) Deny the enrolment/re-enrolment of students even after having accepted the corresponding application if there are grounds to do so, produced or known by the School after the application was submitted.
c) Enrol/re-enrol in case there are late payments from the previous school year.

12. The families shall comply with the Internal regulations attached herein and to which they also have access through the School’s main website.

13. The School has the power to establish the term dates for the academic year, set the school holiday periods, as well as determine the class schedules, in
accordance with the provisions related to the official programmes.

14. Any activity that may interfere with the normal performance of either the administration and/or the teachers’ work is forbidden.

15. The signatories express that they will continue to be the main payers and responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations mentioned herein, even if the student reaches legal age during the execution of this agreement.

*Internal Rules Kindergarten

*Internal Rules Primary, Middle & Senior

*Internal Rules on the “Bring Your Own Device to School” policy

*Personal Data Protection Law

“We have read and accept the general conditions of year 2020 and the Internal Rules”.
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