About BDS

About BDS

Letter from the School Board

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Belgrano Day School. I hope you will enjoy visiting this website and that it will help you decide whether we are the right school for your child.
Rooted in our almost centennial traditions and facing the demands of today’s global world, BDS offers a wide range of opportunities and holds records of outstanding academic achievement, artistic expression and competitive sportsmanship, as can be accounted for by generations of Old Facrecteans in Argentina and abroad.
The motto Fac Recte (play the game respecting the rules) summarises the humanistic philosophy that has inspired Belgrano Day School since its foundation by John Ernest Green in 1912 and later consolidated under the direction of my late husband, Bernard Green, and his brother Hugh.

Today this same spirit guides our way; a sense of responsibility to oneself and to others, a commitment to honesty, respect and good taste. We believe these values help face the winds of change and challenge with a sound personal and social basis open to transcendence.

When everything is easy to copy and broadcast, the human factor and spiritual values mark the difference.

I look forward to meeting you.

María Matilde Villanueva de Green

Board Member