(Español) General Knowledge Competition: the Finals

The final instance of the 2012 General Knowledge Competition organized by the English and the Humanities Departments for Middle School students will take place on October 31st, at 8:30 in the auditorim (students are expected at 8:25). All Middle School students and teachers are kindly invited to join in.

The finalists are:

House: North 

M1: Manuel Cúneo Balmaceda
M2: María Sofía Nartallo Galvagno
M3: Sofía Varela

House: South

M1:Luis Alfonso Pabón Madrid
M2: Daniel Figueroa Roche
M3: Manuel Arslanian

House: West

M1: María Cabella
M2: Nicolás Muises González
M3: Martina Freire Hidalgo

House: East

M1:Matías Rodríguez Palacios
M2: Mercedes Mariño
M3: Juan Gadea

The winning House will be granted the corresponding points, medals, and three books for each team member.

Gladys Lesmi Dallas & Mónica Bruck

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