BDS team wins Legal Contest at Universidad Austral

Last Tuesday  27th, pupils from Senior 6 H took part in a Legal Contest organized by the School of Law of the Austral University.

They were Bruno Bellaria, Martina Díaz,  Lucas Gold, Sofía Grosso, Manuel Irarrazabal, Natalia Marino, Fernando Márquez, M. Belén Mourad, Gastón Prieto, Federico Russo,  Sol Sáez y Paloma Siracusa.

The competition included a previous written stage and an oral performance. That day, each group participated in several Oral Trial simulations, playing the role of the plaintiff or defendant, as previously assigned. Three teams from BDS held their positions before Panels (“Courts”) formed by lawyers and judges who had been invited by the University.

Our groups worked with great enthusiasm and their performances showed  evident earlier research of legal sources to assert their positions.

One  of the groups reached the final and had to take part in a new simulated oral Trial, in a crowded Auditorium where they had to face a Court made up of all the Chief Justices of the previous Panels. In the end, the President of the Jury said that the vote had been unanimous and that, by decision of both  the public and the Jury, BDS’ team was the winner!

Congratulations to all students who participated in the three teams. It was a great chance to learn a little of Law and a great more of what it means to work as a team, recognizing the importance of the different but essential contributions by each member and, above all, the challenge to grow in humility and work hard towards a joint achievement.

Fabiana Burgos Baranda – Law, Middle&Senior

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