Community Service – BriDgeS

“We know that what we do is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be incomplete without that drop.”
(Mother Therese)

BriDgeS is the name of the school’s social project, the offspring of different actions and a long-lasting record in the practice of solidarity in the school community. The name blends BDS initials with a word that synthesizes the objectives of the project: to lay out bridges between people, between different social realities, and between who we are and who we may grow to be. It is based on appreciating the intrinsic value of each person covering physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions as well as his/her irrevocable dignity. This leads us more to “teach others how to fish” than just “to feed them with fish.”

Belgrano Day School´s humanistic education would be incomplete without this component, as the institutional mission puts it when referring to “future world citizens and leaders committed to the common good and welfare of others, responsible, creative and respectful towards diversity and dissent”. This is achieved through early socialization, and the students’ development of social awareness and their commitment to honour life and defend social promotion wherever they may choose to lead their lives.

The practice of values –like solidarity- is universal and not directly linked to any religion. Please see Pastoral care.

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