In Belgrano Day School parents, alumni and staff are encouraged to take part in numerous activities within the fields of community service, sports, the arts, global education, etc. Some of these include:

  • Exchanges (hosting or accompanying students and/or teachers)
  • Sponsoring Senior students’ Work Experiences
  • “Missionary Moms” and other religious activities
  • “Mad Mothers” Theatre Group
  • School Kermesse and other Community Services campaigns and events
  • BDS Workshop (scenery, costume & props for school plays)
  • BDS Club


In Belgrano Day School parents are encouraged to take part in numerous activities: open classes, outings and visits, fairs and exhibitions, workshops, lectures or conferences on subjects posed by them. Other areas of participation include Grupo Misionero, Grupo de Teatro (Mad Mothers) and The Community Choir.

Further information (in Spanish): BDS Workshop, Coro de la comunidad, Grupo misionero, Mad Mothers.