22 Apr 2008 |

Discurso en la Embajada

ESU ArgentinaTal como anunciáramos el mes pasado, el miércoles 16 tuvo lugar el Public Speaking Festival que anualmente organiza la English Speaking Association (ESU), en la sede local de la embajada británica.  

Nos es grato compartir los primeros párrafos del discurso que diera el alumno Cristian Domínguez, con la supervisión de su profesora de inglés y de la Coordinadora, Gladys Lesmi Dallas.

To Infinity and Beyond
«Human beings have a clear tendency to complain about world problems. However, what we lack is the willingness to solve them. We are also overwhelmed by the distance between us and our goals. Nevertheless, we never try to reach them. Why?

Our human race has always faced different kinds of obstacles through its existence. Obstacles to the evolution of it, such as the Inquisition, the Black Death, the Great Depression, or constant warfare. The victory over these obstacles has allowed the evolution of humanity. The progression of one generation over the previous one.This, of course, was due to the men and women who acted when it was needed. Those people understood there was no change for the world if they just stood and complained about difficult times. I completely understand some of these problems still subsist, and some new problems have appeared, but they will never start changing for the best unless we get personally involved (…)»

Congratulations, Cristian, for getting «personally involved» in this enriching experience!  

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