Cambridge Results

A continuación, se consigna de manera completa el informe del Director de Middle & Senior y Coordinador Académico del BDS, Prof. Steven Page, con respecto a los exámenes internacionales rendidos por alumnos de nuestra institución a fines de 2010:

The results received that correspond to those examinations taken in October/November 2010 were on the whole very pleasing.

In M1 CIPP level examinations are taken in English and Mathematics. These examinations conclude the work started in Primary School that has been developed over the years. In English 40 of the year managed to achieve the highest grade 6 – 6 while 81 reached the grade 6 – 5 or better. In Mathematics 41 reached the highest 6 -6 level while 74 had 6 – 5 or better. Thirty percent of all pupils received the highest grade in both subjects. Well done to last year’s M1 students and to their respective teachers and department areas.

In IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) S4 and S5 students excelled. The ICE award (The international Certificate) was achieved at its highest level, distinction by five students in S5. These students had at least five subjects at grade A or better and two more at grade C or better (passing grades go from A* to G). Congratulations to Martin De Marco, Hong Hung Lee, Gabriel Paik, Bernardo Sosa and Axel Szmulewiez. In S4, amongst many very good results Maria Antonella Gazzani achieved 2 subjects at A* and 4 subjects at grade A while Nicolas Rainuzzo achieved 4 subjects at grade A* and 2 subjects with grade A…congratulations to them both and to the many others who performed above expectation. Overall 80 of all examinations taken achieved the best four grades i.e. grades A* to grade C. Again the teachers need to be congratulated and in four subject areas the A* to C pass rate was well over 85.

The highest pre university examination offered by Cambridge International Examinations is the “A” level. A small number of determined and passionate students were prepared in English, History and Mathematics and good pass grades were achieved in all subjects. These examinations are what determine entry into British Universities and are not for everyone. They are highly demanding and require great dedication on behalf of the student. We hope to see this area develop in future years not simply for entry into British Universities but to reflect a continued high level of academic commitment.

Queda claro, entonces, que una vez más los logros han superado las expectativas más optimistas. Felicitaciones a los alumnos y a sus respectivos docentes. Más adelante informaremos acerca de la próxima ceremonia de entrega de certificados.

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