The Language we all need to speak

The European crisis and the new terms being coined

I believe the language we speak defines who we are. I was always taught at the Training College that the language must do things for us. Speakers of any language must coin words to express their emotions and experiences, to make themselves being heard. The European crisis is making the Old World question themselves about pollution, traditions and even the use of Language to fit the situation. Here the latest!

The phrase ‘squeezed middle’ invented by Labour Party leader Ed Miliband in the UK, is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Word of the Year for 2011. It refers to people who are on low or middle incomes, and who feel like they are suffering the most in the current recession. Though it is the phrase of the year we will have to wait to find it in a dictionary.

Source:The Day – Explaining Matters

Dec. 1 , 2011

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